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Water Damage Procedures Request / Agreement 

Welcome to ABC Restoration Client Onboarding Agreement

There’s no question that property insurance can be confusing and filing a claim can be overwhelming. We strive to make the process as easy as possible and believe the more educated the customer is, the smoother the process. 

The ANSI/IICRS S500 Standards are the nationally recognized industry guidelines for professional water damage restoration. Below are a few sections from the S500 Standards, along with a video that will help you understand their importance and how they relate to your job. 

Understanding some of the industry requirements allows us to provide the best services and at the same time help serve all parties involved – the insured, the contractor and the carrier.

We may not be able to make you a restoration expert overnight, but we can provide you the with some of the information every homeowner should know when dealing with a restoration claim.  

Water Damage / Procedures Request Agreement