MIT Client Onboarding Program

Educate and empower your clients with the industry’s first onboarding system.

Providing customers a clear understanding of the water damage claims process–start to finish.

MIT’s Client Onboarding Can Simplify Your Engagement With New Customers

If you’re working with customers that have never experienced water damage, this innovative program can provide them with the basic knowledge that can help them understand what is required from the insured, contractor, and the carrier during a project.

As the contractor, chances are, you’ll know more about the claims process than your client. Understanding barriers can happen! You need to keep your client up-to-date fast but let them know you’re on their team and have their best interest in mind. But how do you tell them what they need to know in such a short period of time? The answer is to educate and empower.

Simple-to-follow videos give an overview of what standards are used in the restoration industry. Integrated into the MIT Client Onboarding program are forms that allow the customer to formally request specific items based on these national standards. A signed PDF copy is then generated from the form results and can easily be sent to the carrier.

Help take the guesswork out of the project for your client, improve communication and increase customer satisfaction.

Onboarding in 4 Easy Steps

Someone will set the Quality of work on your loss – Here’s how It can be YOU! 

Stop many of the problems before they start with this comprehensive program. Help your clients know what they SHOULD expect. Someone will set your clients expectations, it should be you. Let them know what they SHOULD demand from all parties involved in the process so you can provide it. Everything is in writing and signed,  producing first time ever accountability for ALL PARTIES so there are no questions on what is expected.

Standard of Care

Provide the IICRC Standards references in an easy-to-understand format for clients to make empowering decisions in the first daunting hours of a loss.


Helping clients understand rules, regulations, & standards for stabilization. Clients can choose how they want the contractor to preserve the property.

Site Survey & History

Offering clients an easy way to provide you with important information on their site so you can protect them and the structure.


An efficient way for clients to quickly provide you with necessary information regarding the Hazards on site or any potential complications.

Onboarding Program Includes

Client onboarding is about your CLIENT and YOU. We customize your experience to make theirs exceptional.

A custom online area designed with your company logos, making it easy to present the program to your customers with your branding.

Water damage can be a complex, daunting process. With these step-by-step videos, the information is delivered in an easy-to-understand format for your clients.

Four Easy Digital Onboarding Steps:

  • Determining Standard of Care
  • Stabilization Plan
  • Site Survey
  • Occupant Survey

The insured signs off on the digital form and then contractors can add their signature. All captured digitally and added to the final PDF version.

The final PDF agreement is designed to be sent to the carrier with a signature block for them to acknowledge and sign.

When customers submit their forms, a PDF is generated and emailed to the client, contractor, and an optional additional notification address. 

We will provide you with an easy-to-use QR Code that will be embedded in your online branded landing page Keep this QR Code handy on-site when going through the onboarding process with your client.

Designed for additional customization of the program with the ability to add some of your own unique information that you may want to provide your customers.

Easy Access to Your Custom Onboarding Portal using your custom QR Code.

Average Return on Investment

By utilizing this program, many clients can experience a minimum 30% to 300% return on investment.
Not by padding a bill or creating damage, but by finding all the damage on the loss.
Do the RIGHT thing and Get PAID FOR IT.

Pricing Plans

Our Client Onboarding Program is packed with features designed for the restoration professional. Annual Pricing.

Stabilization Limited Edition

Annual Commitment
$ 175
00 Monthly
  • Password Protected
  • Custom Branded Landing Page
  • Stabilization Onboarding Form
  • Branded PDF Procedure Request
  • Signature Capture / Execution
  • 3 Notification Copies
  • *$495.00 Initial Setup Fee with Basic Customization

Onboarding Complete

Annual Commitment
$ 299
00 Monthly
  • Password Protected
  • Custom Branded Landing Page
  • Onboarding Videos & References
  • ALL Client Onboarding Forms
  • Custom Branded Form Pages
  • Branded PDF Procedure Request
  • Signature Capture / Execution
  • 3 Notification Copies
  • *$995.00 Initial Setup Fee with Basic Customization

Onboarding Custom

Product add-on
Call for Pricing
  • Select Specific Videos to Include
  • Select Procedures to Include
  • Select Specific References to Include
  • Add Your Own Reference Content