MIT Consulting’s Client Onboarding Program

Stabilization – Limited Edition

Stabilization is one of the many critical pain points in the restoration industry–and we understand! Fittingly, stabilization plays an important role in the process of client onboarding on a loss.

Not quite ready for the full program? Our Client Onboarding StabilizationLimited Edition gives you the ability to utilize a small (but important) segment of the whole program. Get the same branding and customization features but scaled down to this one step that is a critical determining factor on any water damage loss.

Stabilization Onboarding

Limited Edition Includes

A custom online area designed with your company logos, making it easy to present the program to your customers with your branding.

Water damage can be a complex, daunting process. With these step-by-step videos, the information is delivered in an easy-to-understand format for your clients.

Four Easy Digital Onboarding Steps:

  • Determining Standard of Care
  • Stabilization Plan
  • COMING SOON: Site Survey
  • COMING SOON: Occupant Survey

The insured signs off on the digital form and then contractors can add their signature. All captured digitally and added to the final PDF version.

The final PDF agreement is designed to be sent to the carrier with a signature block for them to acknowledge and sign.

When customers submit their forms, a PDF is generated and emailed to the client, contractor, and an optional additional notification address. 

We will provide you with an easy-to-use QR Code that will be embedded in your online branded landing page Keep this QR Code handy on-site when going through the onboarding process with your client.

You have the option of printing this code on our promotional material but we are not responsible for the printing process.

Take a look at our “Client onboarding – Custom” add-on for the ability to choose the onboarding content displayed. Some restrictions apply. May incur additional fees depending on the customization level.

Easy Access to Your Custom Onboarding Portal using your custom QR Code

Pricing Plans

Our Client Onboarding Program is packed with features designed for the restoration professional. Annual Pricing.

Stabilization Limited Edition

Annual Commitment
$ 175
00 Monthly
  • Password Protected
  • Custom Branded Landing Page
  • Stabilization Onboarding Form
  • Branded PDF Procedure Request
  • Signature Capture / Execution
  • 3 Notification Copies
  • *$495.00 Initial Setup Fee with Basic Customization

Onboarding Custom

Product add-on
Call for Pricing
  • Select Specific Videos to Include
  • Select Procedures to Include
  • Select Specific References to Include

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