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First time dealing with Water Damage, Insurance and Contractors? What you don’t know can cost you!

Mitigation Restoration Help For Homeowners
Water Damage, Mold, Remediation and More

We know working with insurance can often be a confusing and daunting task but we are on a mission to help homeowners by educating them on what they should be doing if they have water damage, mold or any restoration related loss and filing a claim. With over 22 years of experience, from both the insurance side and contractor’s side, we can provide you with information that helps to get better outcomes on your project.

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Most homeowners have never read their insurance policy and when they do, they find it’s filled with legal ease. This is because the insurance policy is very detailed in explaining what’s covered and what’s not. They are designed to hold up in court and cover all the bases in case of a lawsuit or large claim. Also new regulations require insurance companies to make the contracts denser, making it even more difficult for the average homeowner to understand it. 

ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration Standard is a publication / guide that describes the procedures to be followed and the precautions to be taken when performing water damage restoration in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, and the systems and personal property contained within those structures. This Standard assumes that the determination and correction of the underlying source or cause of the water intrusion leading to the water damage is the responsibility of the property owner and not the restorer, although the property owner may contract with the restorer or other specialized experts to perform these services.

Mitigation & Restoration Consulting Services

Not ready to go it alone? Hire an expert to consult on your project.

Restoration Consulting

When you're dealing with contractors and insurance claims you need an expert on your job that's experienced. Book a one hour phone call or hire as an official consultant on your project.

2nd Opinion & Peer Review

Many homeowners have no idea if the job is being done right. With a 2nd Opinion or Peer Review we can look at the project and provide expertise on any job.

Third Party Evaluator

Nationally recognized RTPE (Registered 3rd Party Evaluator) specializing in structural drying, water damage, restoration and mold remediation.

Expert Witness

R. David Sweet's experience in restoration, his level of certified training, along with his ability to interpret scientific data and effectively communicate it to others, has helped to resolve numerous insurance claim disputes.

MIT Onboarding Program Can Help Protect Homeowners!

Finally a tool that can help protect homeowners when working with insurance carriers and contractors. Insurance claims can get expensive and you need to make sure you understand what’s involved if you have water damage.

Don’t get caught in the middle, this program can help to create better outcomes through carrier and contractor accountability.

This Program Includes:

    • Series of step by step videos teaching homeowners about the standards that both your carrier and contractor should be following.

    • Learn what you what you should be requesting your carrier and contractor do on your job.

    • Includes agreements you can to send to both carrier and contractor with your requests.

    • Create your own account where you can log in to track and modify your agreements as needed. 

    • And More….

Learning Center - What Homeowners Need to Know

Is Your Structure Dry?

Properly drying of a structure is extremely important. If it’s not dry, mold can grow unseen for months and the health hazards associated with mold exposure can be staggering. Are you being told it only takes three days to dry your structure? 

What are Preferred Vendors?

Your insurance company will often suggest you use one of their preferred vendors to do the restoration work. Be careful, you need to understand preferred vendor programs, and what insurance companies promise them in return. 

State Farm Insurance Sued

Learn one policy holder’s experience with insurance and their preferred vendors.
This couple sued State Farm Insurance and two other companies when their home was water damaged and mold developed.