Educating and Empowering Homeowners with MIT’s Onboarding Program for the Insured.

Don’t get caught in the middle between your contractor and insurance carrier!

Why do this? Because Your loss will be complicated.

The Contractor wants to be profitable and the Insurance Carrier wants to pay the minimum necessary to satisfy their Policy.  How do YOU make certain you are not caught in the middle? YOU must create ACCOUNTABILTY. But How? With MIT’s Onboarding you’ll learn what you SHOULD expect during a restoration project. We’ll gather information on the project and help turn that information into PDF documents that you can send to your Contractor AND Carrier that puts everyone on a level playing field – YOURS not theirs.

Learn from Industry Expert R. David Sweet

MIT Onboarding For Homeowners that have Water Damage

We know that working with insurance carriers and contractors with a structure that has water damage can be a daunting task. Many homeowners have no idea of the steps they should be taking.  

That’s why developed the MIT Client Onboarding Program.  This client education/onboarding program is designed to help create accountability with both your insurance carrier and restoration contractor.


Step by Step Instructional Videos

MIT Interactive Loss Information Forms

Standard of Care Directives Agreement for Carrier & Contractor

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MIT Onboarding is Education for the Insured

Learn What Your Contractor and Insurance Carrier Should be Using as a Guide for Restoring Your Home

Homeowners will learn about the ANSI/IICRC S500 (Standards for Professional Water Damage Restoration) and what your contractor and insurance carrier should be doing based on these industry guidelines.


You should take control of your loss and make some decisions along the way.

With MIT Onboarding you’ll learn inside secrets about the restoration process so you can make informed decisions!

Standard of Care

Understanding what sections of the IICRC Standards will apply to your specific job.


Understanding what stabilization is and how it will affect what work is performed.

Site Survey & History

How to providing important information on the site to help protect occupants & structure.


Should your Restoration Contractor test for Mold, Asbestos, Mold or Silica?

Request Proper Care is Approved Upfront

Interactive Forms Allow You to Request Both Carrier and Contractor Follow the Standards

Our interactive forms allow you to answer a series of questions and make important decisions along the way. 

Educational videos are embedded along side the sections and explains the questions more in detail if needed.

These forms allow you to formally request the ANSI/S500 Standards, OSHA, Federal and/or State Regulations be followed on your job.

Why do this? When working with Mitigation, it can be like the health industry. A doctor may suggest a procedure but the insurance carrier feels it’s unnecessary. Who’s the expert, insurance carrier or contractor?

Thankfully such questions are easier to answer because we can use the ANSI/S500s and other industry regulations as a guide help prevent disagreements. We want these requests formally in writing at the start of the project and have insurance carrier and contractor agree. Getting everyone on the same page is important! 

You’re in control with MIT Onboarding

Automatically Generated Standard of Care Directives Agreements in PDF Format for both Insurance Carrier & Contractor

Communication is key when working with insurance carriers and contractors, and even more importantly is having those communications documented and in writing. 

This program is designed to help protect homeowners but also produce a more transparent claim process that benefits everyone and answers questions that can arise later, long after the claim has been submitted. 

The Steps are Easy:

Create your account on our platform with user and password so you can log back in at any time. 

Water damage can be a complex, daunting process. With these step-by-step videos, the information is delivered in an easy-to-understand format so you can learn at your own pace from industry expert R. David Sweet.

You will fill out one form that will cover the following:

  • Determining Standard of Care
  • Stabilization Plan
  • Site Survey & History
  • Hazards Directives

When you have completed your form, simply digitally sign it and hit submit. Next check email for your copy with attached Client Directives Agreement in PDF format.

If after you review your form or had to stop at anytime during the process, just log back into your account. Go to your dashboard and make any changes. Hit Submit and redownload your modified agreement.

The final PDF agreement is designed to be sent to the carrier with a signature block for them to acknowledge and sign.

  • How to formally request the ANSI/S500 Standards, OSHA, State and Federal Regulations be followed on your job

Step by Step Instructional Videos

Learn what you should know about Water Damage and the work that should be performed on your loss.

MIT Forms Collect Information Your Loss

Answer a series of questions and make some important decisions along the way that can help give you a better outcome on your loss.

Client Directives in PDF Format

MIT Onboarding will turn your requests into PDF documents that you can download and give to both insurance carrier and contractor.

Includes Secure Account w/Login

Learn at your own pace and log back in at any time as you complete the program.

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