Welcome to the Future of Restoration

COMPLETE Software and Practice Management system that helps you document everything you do so you can bill for it!

  • Cut your Site, Project Management and Admin expenses by 30 to 50%
  • Capture all the legitimate time and expenses you are not billing for now
  • COMPLETE Moisture mapping, equipment tracking and Time
  • Simple on-site job documentation that looks just like what they currently use  
  • Learn to be litigation-proof
MitManager Software for Water Damage Restoration

Data Collection & Monitoring

With insurance carriers consistent allegations of abuse by restoration companies, our system provides a third party validated solution that guarantees integrity in the data collection process and subsequently in the billing.  Why is this important?  We remove the chance for human error, data tampering or fraud. You need accurate documentation and reports that are above reproach when submitting claims.

Comprehensive Documentation and Reporting

Innovative technology is at the core of everything we do.  Our state of the art equipment, comprehensive standards based testing procedures, inspection, and constant monitoring, produces more complete data collection which allows for in-depth reporting, that ensures every job has been done right.

We provide an extensive array of written, printed, digital & photographic documentation that protects all involved parties from questions arising as to the quality, quantity, and level of service provided.

We believe the industry can be more proficient in transparent fact-based, claims processing, which serves all parties – insured, carrier and contractor.

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Moisture Detection in Structural Materials

Our DAMP - (Deep Assembly Moisture Profiling) utilizes remote sensors which stay in place during the throughout the process, tracking moisture content in wood and structural materials and transmitting the data to a secure cloud for storage and archiving.

Atmospheric Humidity & Temperature

When water damage occurs, the moisture and water vapor are released into the structure. Our sensors constantly measure the ambient conditions (Relative Humidity, Temperature, GPP) and more, 24 hours a day.

Dehumidifier Equipment Performance

Monitoring drying equipment is essential. Our dehumidifiers are equipped with wireless sensors that monitor the performance and output 24/7. Our system will alert our tech within minutes if the site isn't drying as expected.

Cloud Provides Third-Party Validation

By storing the data collected from the job site on a third party secure cloud, we can provide the highest level of data integrity. The data cannot be altered in any way, with a clear chain of custody. This third-party validated documentation provides accountability and ensures integrity in the billing process.

MitManager Software Advanced Reporting

MIT's proprietary software takes the large volume of complex technical data and job site information, and organizes it into comprehensive reports that are easier to understand and review. Provides full transparency on the loss to all parties.

Authorized Users Remote Login Anytime

Remotely monitoring of the job by our techs to ensure any environmental changes are instantly detected. Our customers and the insurance adjuster can also remotely log in from any web browser to see the drying progress at any time.